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Blue Frog is confused.

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    Myself, I would have drawn and quartered him, for daring to imagine he was worthy to soil Lady Pricilla with himself. She simply wanted to get a feel for what lay underwater.

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  • Not only had he placed me at the track, his horse had paid off five to one. Anyways, Face and her stuck together--what the hell--it must be five, six years, thowing out the time he was in the army and she was living with some guy that I can't remember his name--a cousin of Dick O'Brien's, a skinny dark-headed guy that liked his liquor.
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    The rich scent which filled the air tickled Dard's nose and made him very aware of hunger. I cannot see Him; but I know that it must be God who does these things.

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  • I know you can't carry prisoners on that sliver of a corvette.

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  • They passed an old tumbledown log cabin, once used, no doubt, by prospectors and hunters. Nor is this increase of building the case only in this and all the other villages round London; but the increase of the value and rent of the houses formerly standing has, in that compass of years above-mentioned, advanced to a very great degree, and I may venture to say at least the fifth part; some think a third part, above what they were before.
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    … as usual. Trying to figure out the format and layout. Hopefully will start posting again one of these days soon. When I have time. When do i ever? ;)

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    And then the crack as his back broke over the stone. There's no point in announcing the fact that I'm in Tol Rane, and Chamdar knows me on sight.
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  • Probably so that they could smoke, Kendall decided when she noticed that several had lit cigarettes. When she didn't move, he squeezed his eyes shut in the hopes that forcing tears would clear them.
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  • Wow… just found this old post that was in drafts.  Not a lot of time for updating lately, everything seems to be updating on the baby (Rebecca)’s blog instead.  I’ll try to put my own personal stuff in here, nothing is too new outside of us having the baby in July, being out of work on Maternity Leave and just generally chilling.  If i can get a handle on how to update this, i’ll start again.

    *hugs* to my friends!   ~Alison

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  • Another demanding call, picked up and echoed by every commander's buglers.
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    That Lash, the coolest, most provokingly nonchalant of men in times of peril, should begin to show a nervous strain was all the more indicative of a suble pervading unreality.
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  • The old patterns had not changed, not yet, and perhaps never. Of course the truck was a thousand times bigger than any of the mice who were to draw it; but when all the mice had been harnessed, they were able to pull it quite easily.
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    He paused a moment, then replied: Because, if what I believe is true, in a few minutes you and I have got to make a fight for life a harder fight than any we've made yet a fight that may last for hours and may, after all, end only in death. Since Vikteren-a mage-was involved, she had every reason to assume she would be facing both types.

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    Gerry was scowling in the exaggerated manner that only teenagers can manage.

    She silently follows Nathan and Ayesha with her glass-almond eyes, mounted on thin rods protruding from the walls around the room.


    Back .. mostly

    After a holiday haitus, and lots of work, i’m back. Look for updates in the near future :)

    Awww nuts.


    Author Terry Pratchett is suffering from a rare form of early Alzheimer’s disease, it has been revealed.
    In a letter published on the website of artist Paul Kidby, the writer said the condition was behind a “phantom stroke” he had earlier this year.

    Pratchett said his statement should be interpreted as “I am not dead” and that he had taken the news “philosophically” and “possibly with a mild optimism”.

    That sucks. Hopefully with advances in technology they can stave off the effects as long as possible.

    Its that Bacon Bun Time o’Year

    Well, again, its that time of year for the making of the bacon buns (latvian piragi) as i’ve been reminded by pretty much everyone around me. Looks like this year its gonna be a 3 weekend event — this is why I only do it one month a year, cause its a pain in the rear. This weekend past we managed around 280 from 3 batches, with 2 more weekends of cooking ahead.

    Karen was looking for the recipe, so I updated the file into a PDF.

    Heres a couple of pictures of a finished bun pile. Mmm.. piragi goodness.



    I spent most of the weekend blaming mom for being Latvian, and for not being able to bake so this whole thing falls on me. Yes, they do taste as good as they look.


    From saturday nights’ bake-off … 280 buns and 8 hours later, we’ve finally produced the evil screaming bacon bun of doom. See the evil eyes and bacon tongue?
    ahhh! i'm an evil bun! Grr!

    … its only evil because I have 2 more weekends of Bun making to go. Great.

    Ran across this site today — very neat idea. A word is displayed, and you need to guess the meaning. If you get it right, 10 grains of rice are paid for by the advertisers to help feed people.

    Its linked into, and i thought it was a neat idea. Build up your vocabulary, and donate at the same time :)
    Read more –

    Moms B-Day Card

    So it was Moms birthday today, and I asked her what she’d want — and she jokingly asked me to make her a Simulation Alapca farming game .. so for a joke, I made this for a card –

    (Based on the SimFarm game)

    Yep. I’m still lame :)

    Cute Flash Game - Zeebarf’s ‘The Visitor’ - Walkthrough

    I ran across a really cute little point and click game on Newgrounds by a guy named Zeebarf (who I think does animation for a show called Sons of butcher on Teletoon).

    I played through it, and its not super complicated, but a good little diversion on break.

    What to do:
    - Click on stuff to interact
    - Click on stuff in order - it does make a difference
    - Hover your mouse arrow over items until it turns into a hand - that means you can interact with it.

    You start off as a little alien sluggy thing, that lands in a lake in a meteor.

    If he had not been born into the working-class he could not have known working-class life from the inside.

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  • You ll have to come to this side, Cliff said from where he crouched beside the ewe.
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    Cora had considered the conversa- tion pirvate, but come to think of it, why shouldn't many others of the herd within range have listened in?

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    I made a walkthrough, just cause. Don’t read any further if you dont want spoilers.

    Read the rest of this entry »

    This dog takes on all-comers!


    Here he is giving Charlotte a good seeing-to.

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    Only a spot of gray showed where the smoke hole was.

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    There they must make the best of it until daylight returned-it would never do to roam through the woods unarmed at night longer than was absolutely necessary. I hired a boy to stay awake for the night and start the engines once an hour to keep them from seizing in the cold.

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    Vultures are Stupid

    Adam made a post a while back about an encounter with a vulture in his travels up north.

    Today while me and my bf were going to the fish-store at lunch, we see a big bird flying overhead.

    me: “hey, its a vulture. Thats wierd, a vulture… near work. Maybe something died”
    bf: “yeah something died alright, over there” *points*

    Look at me, i'm eating a Dead Goose!

    So, surely we had to pull over and take some pictures and make a short video. Without further ado, here’s a Vulture eating a dead goose on the side of the road, in an industrial/commercial area of Toronto.

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  • Gleep, said the dragon again, stretching his neck out for another mouthful. He has sworn to increase the tribute you pay by half.
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  • I left him dictating the book from memory, at the rate of about two hundred words a minute. Nymphs are capable of mating with humans and producing offspring.
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  • Out deep into the desert, the colonel drove, past the giant oil depots far to the left, where all Lobynia's oil eventually wound up for distribution, and then south along an uninterrupted black macadam line, a road that was always soft from the flat hot sun of the day.
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  • We were suing for custody of the children, and we knew that the full weight of the law was against us.
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  • Princess Tobin believes she knows how to rid you of the Vellant'im.

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    And yet when the situation giving rise to pain cannot be remedied, it is surely human to search for methods of alleviating it, if only that a sufferer might die in something less than total anguish. But people sometimes brought others along to such a party as that-had he thought of that?

    The stink was tremendous.

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